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Professional Audio in
Boulder, Colorado and Beyond


I perform on the air as a program host/DJ and live-sound engineer with KGNU Community Radio in Boulder and Denver, CO and on stage also as a singer, banjo player and Master of Ceremonies. My strong, deep voice and clarity of diction make me an ideal voice talent.

Master of Ceremonies

The Master of Ceremonies has the first and last say at the event, and thus frames the proceedings. A good one helps to keep the show in rhythm and motion, gives an air of professionalism as well as enthusiasm, and can enhance people's experience with key insights, a warm demeanor, occasional witticisms. A proper presentation also pleases the sponsors, donors, organizers and others whose names will be read out in the "thank-you's" segment. Of course a good MC knows "it's not about the MC", and yet helps to bridge the gap between the performers and the audience.

"When you look sharp, you are sharp." — Charles Sawtelle

After being front-man for bands since 1964 (and being the presenter of the Class Poem at my high school graduation), I began doing MC appearances in 1979, doing concerts, festivals, fundraisers, weddings and parties and other social and business occasions. I understand that "brevity is the soul of wit", but I also have found that a few well-chosen remarks–germane to the matter at hand–can do much to increase the involvement and enjoyment of an audience, and even to stimulate a performer to put on a better show. It is much more than merely "leading the applause". At a pop/rock concert, it can be sufficient to have a local DJ shout, "awriiiight, let's make some noiiiiiiise!", to engage the audience and cue the performers to begin. At the festivals I work, however, the music is often more obscure, or may relate to traditions and cultures that are not fully mainstreamed. In these situations I have had success by helping the listeners to know something of the places, ways and attitudes reflected in the music, in addition to the usual references to the artist's awards or recording affiliations and products.

Thanks so much for your fine MC job at our Tie Dye and Black Tie Event. Your voice was definitely in the best of the Woodstock tradition. — People's Clinic

An added bonus is my vocal ability to be heard even in the back row in case the sound system breaks down and announcements must be made. Yes, I can be loud if necessary…

Among festivals I work on an annual basis are the Gnu Mountain Jam ("the Charles") in Gold Hill, CO; the MidWinter Bluegrass Festival in Denver, CO; the Big Horn Mountain Festival in Buffalo, WY; Haigler Bluegrass Breakdown in Haigler, NE; Mouse's Pie R Square Dance in Boulder, CO, and I have frequently MC'd at Rocky Grass, the great bluegrass festival in Lyons, CO put on by Planet Bluegrass. I have made introductions for performers ranging from local unknowns and young children to living legend/Hall-of-Famers like Earl Scruggs and others.