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Professional Audio in
Boulder, Colorado and Beyond


I perform on the air as a program host/DJ and live-sound engineer with KGNU Community Radio in Boulder and Denver, CO and on stage also as a singer, banjo player and Master of Ceremonies. My strong, deep voice and clarity of diction make me an ideal voice talent.

Radio Host and DJ

I have been a volunteer (and long-ago "paid guy") of KGNU Community Radio since it began broadcasting in 1978. I have worked in production, program hosting ("DJ"), live music broadcast engineering (mixing live acts in studio and remote locations), studio design, education/training, administration, construction, cleaning, volunteer coordinating, wire and cable manufacture & repair, you name it. Community radio is an important resource for any place; in Boulder and the Denver Metro area, it is vital in providing alternative news and analysis and diverse, independent music in a broadcast market glutted with corporate commercial stations spewing reactionary politics, lunatic-fringe religion and focus-grouped pop music in a tornado of overproduced commercials and fast-talking phonies on the mic pretending they think what they are doing is worthwhile. With an attitude like mine, I guess it's no wonder KGNU and I found each other so long ago.

Dear, Fergus,
Here is a poem for you and your'e Radio Station.

old grass, new grass, green grass, Blue grass.
Thank you for Play ing it with so much sass.
Because me and my dad
Listen toit every morn–ing. Love Kate R. age 8

Currently I host the Morning Sound Alternative from 9:30 a.m. to noon on the first Tuesday of each month, and the 3rd or 4th Saturday edition of Old Grass and Gnu Grass, depending on the month. KGNU, a listener-supported station, broadcasts on 88.5 FM in Boulder, CO, 1390 AM in Denver, CO, and on the World Wide Web at www.KGNU.org.

When I was a child, my family did not have a TV set until I was 7 years old, and even then the signal was very weak and fuzzy at our rural location in the mountains. As a result, I connected to the big world outside the back yard through the family radio, a table-model Zenith radio/phonograph that would play a stack of 78's. Most people did not have television then, so it was understood that radio was the only electronic – and therefore instant – source of news and entertainment. Of course we had newspapers and magazines, but the radio was the hot portal to information and also drama as well as music. It was the last days of the Golden Age of commercial radio, with the vaudeville-era comedians like Jack Benny, George Burns and Gracie Allen, and Abbott and Costello, but there were also the lesser-known sitcoms like Fibber McGee and Molly, and adventure and crime stories, westerns and suspense (The Shadow knows!). Sports, of course, were a part of it – future president Ronald Reagan announced college football games on the radio in his student days – and commercials were done live – singing, big bands, sound effects, the works! It was the age of the Live Sound Effects Man – in fact, most of the programs were done live, with actors in studios lined with heavy curtains, or in front of live audiences. Compared to today, the "tech" was extremely low. For example, to get artificial reverberation some sound engineers of those days might run a line up to a tiled bathroom on the 4th floor with a speaker in it, and hope no one came in to use the facilities during the broadcast!

Having radio for years before television allowed my imagination to soar, to see Dodge City (Gunsmoke!) as the sound effects guys painted it, with board sidewalks, coyotes in the distance, jingling spurs on the boots of the cowboys, the background murmur in the Long Branch Saloon. I learned to make my own pictures to go with the sounds, instead of having the pictures be determined in advance by someone else. Anyone who has listened to the serialized radio drama Day Of the Tryffids cannot help but be disappointed by seeing a movie or video of the same story. In your mind the story can look a million different ways, without any one of them having to be The Case – The Way It Is, and the only way it can be!