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Recording Studio

Audio's Amigos studio is a multi-track digital and analog facility in a warm and intimate environment where creative people can feel relaxed and stimulated.

Studio services include:

  • Music
  • Spoken Word
  • Editing
  • Mastering
  • Equipment
  • Restoration (CDs from your tapes & vinyl)
Remote Recording

I also offer remote recording and audio engineering. My knowledge of acoustics allows me to create and capture the best sound in any room.

Live services include:

  • Choirs
  • Orchestras
  • Demos
  • Auditions
  • Live Albums
  • Sound Effects/Ambiences
  • Festivals
  • Competitions
  • Broadcast

Audio's Amigos Recording Studio

Studio Recording

Audio's Amigos is the name of my recording studio in Boulder, Colorado. It is a comfortable space which has been home to many music albums, spoken word projects, and jam sessions. I work with creative people at all stages of their work to create audio recordings which best express the artist's vision.

Thanks so much for all your work on my demo. The results were exactly what I wanted. I hope to record again in the fall, possibly, and your studio is #1 on my list. — Richard E., vocalist

When I designed and built Audio's Amigos studio, remodeling and extending my large garage, I used well-developed techniques of building for control of sound, but just as important to me was to leave the spaces looking and feeling comfortable, rather than high-tech or exotic or industrial, as a place where creative people could relax and be stimulated at the same time. I wanted a place where they could exercise their creative gifts, and it really has turned out that way.

One of the most gratifying aspects of my career in recording so far is the large number of artists who have done repeat projects, and multiple repeat projects (sometimes as many as 8 or 10 or more) with me, sometimes travelling as much as 1,000 miles (from San Francisco, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Minneapolis, Seattle, Sandpoint, Idaho, even Italy–twice!) to work here at Audio's Amigos. Here is a partial list of people who have recorded here, leaving a little bit of themselves, their spirits, their energy, their magic, to enrich the space for the artists who will follow them. You can listen to a sample of these recordings.

Good sessions! Working at Audio's Amigos is a pleasure. I hope to repeat soon. Gretel and John both mentioned how they enjoyed working with you too. Your setup is perfect for what I need to do. — DeWitt, producer/label owner

Call Fergus at 303-442-3939 to discuss recording your next project at Audio's Amigos.


I use a wide variety of digital and analog equipment to capture the best sound. Audio's Amigos is a 24-track recording studio.

In 1983, it was 2-track analog on an Otari MX 5050 B, which replaced the old TEAC and Tandberg 1/4-track machines of my hi-fi days. Audio's Amigos still has analog recording capability, with 1/4-inch, 1/2-track and 1/2-inch, 8-track machines from Otari, but most projects these days are recorded digitally to hard drive. Multi-track digital was done on ADAT for years, and Audio's Amigos still has 32 tracks of ADAT, with the remarkable BRC remote controller, which provides sync, offset, and lock-up to external clock sources, such as for doing soundtracks for video and film. But for superior sound and editing capabilities, I went to Pro Tools a few years ago, when that platform achieved full-range sound niceness with 24-bit architecture. Audio's Amigos' current LE system, running on a Mac G5 with Glyph hard drives, records up to 18 tracks simultaneously in 24-bit fidelity. Mixdown is to the Alesis ML-9600 Master Disk Recorder, also in 24-bit, with data truncation down to 16-bit, 44.1 kHz CD standards (known as RedBook) performed as the final step, to preserve the finest sound.

Digital storage and editing are superior to analog, but in the realm of signal processing, both digital and analog designs can be very useful. Sound is, after all, an analog phenomenon, and processes like equalization, compression, gating and expansion, and others are often best done in the analog domain, particularly when a particular characteristic is desired, such as "warmth", "roundness", "crunch", etc.

EQ from

Millennia Media NSEQ-2 stereo 4-band parametric(class A, switchable between tube or solid-state)
White Instruments 4001 (2)classic passive mono 1/3-octave graphics
Yamaha 2031 (2)active 1/3-octave stereo graphics
Furman PEQ-6solid-state 3-band stereo parametric
Spectro Acoustics 201 (2)10-band stereo graphics
4-band sweep EQ (semi-parametric) on 24 input channels of the studio console

Dynamics Processing from

TL Audio (England) C-1stereo tube compressor
Drawmer (England) DL-241stereo compressor/limiter/expander
dbx (U.S.) 172 Supergate stereogate/expander/ducker
Symetrix (U.S.) 501 (2)stereo compressor/limiters

Reverbs and Delays from

  • Lexicon
  • Alesis
  • Yamaha
  • Roland
  • DeltaLab
  • an old hand-made plate reverb (with a 3 ft. by 6 ft. sheet and frame by Jane Carpenter and Eric Sampson)
  • and some old-style spring reverbs!

In addition to these "outboard" analog and digital processors, the Pro Tools system offers digital processors on each channel, and the Alesis Mastering Recorder features digital stereo dynamics and EQ, with a 48-bit architecture.

Mixers and Preamps

Audio Media Research Production 800 Console with 24 mic inputs (4-band sweep EQ) and 48 channels for mixdown, 4 aux sends, 4 effects sends, 8 busses (analog)
Soundcraft 200 8-in, 16-channel mixdown, 4-band fixed EQ, 4 bus, 4 sends (analog)
Grace 201 by Mike Grace, Boulder, CO world-beater class A mic preamp
Sontec MPA-1 by Burgess MacNeill, VA world class solid-state class A mic preamp
TL Audio C-1 from Tony Larking, London classic mic preamp design with tube compressor


Neumann TLM 193i (2)with famous M-7 capsule, great vocal sound
Gefell M 79with M-7 capsule, Neumann's original design and factory
AKG 414 EB (2)versatile multi-pattern classic condensor--great detail
Beyer M 260 (2)ribbons, smooth response, fast attack; great for winds and brass
Earthworks TC 30K (2)amazing accuracy to 30 kHz, down to 30 Hz
Superlux H 8A (2)large condensor, same curve as Neumann U-89
Electro-Voice RE-20classic dynamic vocal--the FM DJ mic also works on drums, bass
Electro-Voice DO54compact dynamic omni
CAD EquiTek IImulti-pattern mid-size condensor
Shure SM-57 (6)classic stage performance and studio drum / amp dynamic
Shure SM-53rare dynamic cardioid with High-pass filter, extra presence
Sennheiser MD-421classic AM DJ mic, with variable HPF, also good for drums, etc.
AKG D 200-Erare 2-way dynamic cardioid, with "woofer", "tweeter" and crossover
AKG D 707rarer dynamic cardioid, hard to overload
Countryman miniature condensors (3)can go inside piano, under guitar strings, on the window---unique problem solvers
Audio-Technica 801, 811, 813electret condensors with extra brightness