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Professional Audio in
Boulder, Colorado and Beyond


I perform on the air as a program host/DJ and live-sound engineer with KGNU Community Radio in Boulder and Denver, CO and on stage also as a singer, banjo player and Master of Ceremonies. My strong, deep voice and clarity of diction make me an ideal voice talent.

Big F Narration Voice Talent

Bass-Baritone • non-urban • not regionalized

Listen to a sample of Fergus's narration and voice work.

The goal of narration, for me, is to transfer to the recording, or the audience, as much information from the script as possible. Of course this requires clarity of delivery and correct pronunciation, but also attention must be paid to the subtext, to the emotional context, and to the phrasing that will enable the listener to extract the maximum possible meaning with the least possible likelihood for misunderstanding or confusion. In face-to-face conversation, much information is transmitted through visual cues – a person's facial expressions and body movements convey mood and emotional states, as well as helping to emphasize or de-emphasize various aspects of the meanings of the words. However, in an audio recording, all the communication must happen through sound alone. Fortunately for us, the human voice is a very flexible instrument, capable of producing a great variety of sounds and evoking a wide array of feelings and gradations of meaning, even without musical accompaniment.

I started getting compliments on my voice and reading skills when my voice changed in the 7th grade. Since the age of 13, I have been a bass/baritone, although in my 20's I sang tenor parts in an opera and in my bluegrass band – I guess I fall into the class known as Long-Range Baritone. My singing range is about two-and-a-half octaves. Beginning in high school, I have been a band front-man, event MC and announcer for more than 44 years. (I delivered the class poem at graduation, written by our top geniuses).

My academic background includes emphasis on science, languages and history. I grew up on three continents, and in many U.S. states, all in the Midwest, West and Southwest. I have lived in Colorado for 46 years. BA from University of Colorado in Math/Physics, with experience in high school and college plays and productions, adult experience in folk-singing and opera, 30 years as a radio announcer, program host, and DJ.

I have extensive experience with scientific, literary, historical, technical, musical scripts with foreign names and expressions, medical and educational scripts. Some experience with character and/or cartoon voices.

I grew up during an age of great radio-announcing voices: George Feniman, the announcer for Groucho Marx's show You Bet Your Life, was maybe the most polished (and oiled--what hair!), but for a soul-stirring thrill while the opening musical theme raced along, there was no voice quite like that of the Lone Ranger (Hi-Yo Silver, Awayyyyyyyyy!) In the 60's, 70's and 80's I heard the incomparable John Fasenda, the voice of NFL Films and the National Radio Theater of Chicago. If the term "Voice of God" had not already been used, it would have been coined to describe John's commanding, deep-as-the-sea delivery, even when talking about a fumble or incomplete pass. When he read the intro to the NRT's production of Homer's Odyssey, you could smell the salt air of the Aegean Sea, and hear the creak of the oars as the Greeks headed out for Troy. An authoritative, deep voice can also lend extra weight to any message, as Orson Welles proved ("we will sell no wine… before its time"). Paul Robeson's majestic, round, beautifully elocuted speech, and of course his incredible singing, have always been models of sound production for me, and even today his recordings reach across decades to inspire.

Recent Projects

  • Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions – Bull Publications audio book – Medical/Health
  • JDSU – 3db Productions – Overview of Fiber Optic Technology
  • Blue Sky Bridge – Narration for informational slide show
  • Flying (Volando) – Corby's International – narration of entire English script of bilingual year-long language program for children
  • I'll Spread My Wings – Longship Productions – drama and poetry readings for audio biography of Norwegian poet/playwright Henrik Ibsen
  • Terje Vigen – voice of title character of Norwegian national epic poem, presented at Ibsen Festival in Oslo, Norway
  • Boulder County New Employee Orientation Slide Show – history of the county and structure of county government – full production with sound effects and historical music selections
  • Military History – Dane Hansen Productions – Narrator for a series of dozens of videos with titles like "Great Generals of American History", "Military Aircraft of World War II", "Gettysburg", "Bloody Korea", "War Birds of VietNam" and many others.
  • The Call of the Great Wall – Pacific Mountain Network – 30-minute TV documentary on Chinese troop reductions
  • The Story of Bill Hardaway – KAIRE, inc. – long-form product-and-company description for multi-level health product marketing firm
  • Crystal Caliburn & Loony Labyrinth – White Wing, inc. – character voices for computer pinball games based on Arthurian and Minotaur Legends ("install the stone!" … "you've got another game coming!")
  • Sig Manufacturing – RC Video Magazine – long-form history and description of world's largest balsa-wood company, for model airplane enthusiasts